Procrastination Block

Does procrastination count as writer’s block?

Is there such a thing as writer’s block?

I tend to think not. Material is never lacking. I think what’s lacking is the will to sit down and write. Write all those thoughts that flow into your head at odd moments. And then take the time to sort out the jumble and end up with stories or poems.

I find I do that all the time. Forget to write down my thoughts. I plan to do it later, but then the thought is gone, or at least partially gone. But now I have a new gadget, new to me that is, an iPhone, and it has this little Notes function. Looks like a miniature yellow legal pad. It’s a little thought catcher.

I find it so handy. Don’t have to carry the actual notebook I always stuffed in my purse anymore. I felt naked without pen and paper at hand. I was incomplete without them.

Now I have an easier way to catch my thoughts before they fly away into the ether. The next step is to decide what to do with them. November is almost upon us and it’s time for NaNoWriMo once again. No, I haven’t signed up for the challenge, not officially that is. But, this year I will sign up in spirit. See what I can produce.

If you’re signed up, good luck and happy writing!




Support Great Causes!!!

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Hi Everyone,

As some of you have seen, there is a new page on here titled Support a Great Cause. On the page I have listed the information for two wonderful causes. The first being World Book Night. Some of you may remember that I participated in this event last year. It is a yearly event that takes place on April 23rd, with the goal of uniting the world through books. To apply to be a book giver or to learn more about the World Book Night Organization, please click on this link: (This link is to the United States’ site, but on the home page is a link for other countries.)

The other excellent cause that I am asking you all to support is BooksForTroops. BooksForTroops is a group that can be found on Facebook. They are looking for new and gently used print (paperback or…

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