The Gavel part 1

(A short/short in four parts.)

You Stand Accused

“You stand accused of having loved more than one man.”

“Is that a crime?”

“Your heart may belong to only one man.”

“My heart belongs to me. I give that to no man.”


The gavel exploded onto the tall platform hiding the man from the chest down. He glowered down at the woman standing before him in full view.

The man was incensed. She did not cower before him. How dare she display such arrogance?

“You will not contradict me!” he screamed.

“I do not contradict. I clarify.”

Her voice held no tremor, her stance no timidity. She seemed to grow taller; chin and breast jutted out, spine erect. Her unblinking eyes showed no fear.

What was there to be afraid of? He was only a man.




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