How Do You Say Goodbye?

I’m packing. I’m leaving.

On a jet plane, once more.

Returning to a city in which I never imagined myself in.

Fate flew me there one day, long ago.

And that same fate thrust a man into my life.

For thirty-two years.

A man who accepted me, sight unseen.

Whose big heart hid behind bluster.

Who subsequently became a part of me.

And so I return, to the city of the angels.

Where there is an angel sitting on his shoulder.


He’s lost this fight.

Or maybe he’s won his fight.

Who’s to know?

I go to see him; to help him.

To ease his last days.

As well as I might.

As well as I can.

But still.

I can’t help wondering.

How do you say good-bye?

(My father-in-law is losing his brave battle against Multiple Myeloma)