The Eyes

The eyes, the eyes bore into me. Waking me. Waves crashing, drown me. I gasp, struggle to breathe. Forget! Forget! But, I remember. He looks. Willing me to recall his disgusting touch. I spring. Run. Run. Cry. Amidst many, among none. No, No, No. Cannot bear, cannot bear. The memories crush my chest. I cannot breathe. I know. I know what to do. Call. Call. Yes, I will go. I will run farther. Safe, safe. Touch, no, not yet. Pressure and pain. Wait. Wait. Dark, strange surroundings. Wet, so wet. Where? How? Sleep, sleep. Dark night returns. No forgiveness. Not told, can’t tell, suffer the loss. Leave and cleave. Head out to more pain.

Innocent young girl
Suffering grown woman
Blessedly saved after all


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