One morning I had a waking dream
that found me lying on a floating cloud
There seemed to be nothing beneath me
nothing but contentment
I floated between today and tomorrow

I let myself be carried,
let myself be suspended
upon that billowy, evanescent cloud
With eyes closed, I basked
nestled in my cradle of tranquility

And then, I sensed him
His essence, his aura, suffused me
I opened my eyes and saw him,
standing by my feet
gazing at me with tender eyes
Eyes that emanated an ethereal light,
a light that covered me with warmth,
making my skin glow

The feeling of contentment deepened,
reaching my core and
the depth of my being
I did not breathe; I did not need to
His life force sustained me, surrounded me
I was enveloped, blanketed with nurturing love.

He climbed onto the cloud,
advancing slowly, an inch at a time
moving up to lie beside me,
his eyes locked onto mine
I lay quietly, not moving
anxious with yearning,
and yet at once feeling
incredible peace

He reached my side and
rested his head upon my breast
His arm circled my waist,
a welcomed weight
I sighed as my arms went round him
of their own accord
wanting to hold him close
for all eternity


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