Come To Me, My Sweet

I look into your satiny decadence
Gently, ever so gently
do I hold you between my fingers
Tenderly, I bring my lips toward you
Your fragrant aroma calls to me
appealing to all my senses

I long to taste your sweetness
I long to ingest you,
ambrosia the gods were denied
I want to inhale you
and your intoxicating scent
I wish to savor you,
my most palatable treat

I lick at your rim,
running my tongue down you
Your silken froth overflows,
creamy filling gushing forth
smudging my lips, my cheeks
A moment I crave

I want you, I must have you
It is for you I wake for
Thoughts of you lure me
I cannot be sated, there is no substitute
My being cries out for you
And as I delicately partake
Into oblivion, I am lulled

In ecstasy, I close my eyes
How can something so good
be thought sinful?
Come to me, my sweet
Come to me, my luscious
My enlightened lightning,
my chocolate éclair


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