You will never know what I see when I look at you
The exquisite miracle I behold
The miracle I let be

You will never know the pride that suffuses me
deep pride mixed with dread
For you reach far, too far for me to follow
I am left to follow only in my dreams

You will never know the love that engulfs me
The love that drowns and overwhelms me
that makes my eyes overflow

And yet, somehow I sense
you feel our connection
Immeasurable, fathomless, boundless
Reaching out into the vastness

Today, as you sail away from me
carrying gifts for those you meet
I will see you sailing toward me
taking the long way around

While you traverse this world
learning and gleaning
sopping up knowledge
as has always been your way

“Thank you,” you said to me,
hugging me goodbye
“Thank you.”

I thank you, my child
for being
and for being


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